First Look Recap

The team at SproutBox has been busy.

We had our first official event last week — A ‘first look’ at SproutBox. We gave a brief presentation about what we do, what we believe and who we are. The response was incredible. Several dozen entrepreneurs, investors, business and community leaders showed up with tons of energy. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Also, thanks again to Ron Stanhouse for the use of his awesome venue, Baker Place. It was the perfect environment for the event. It was exciting to see people come together to be a part of a community transformation.

Local blogger and organizer of the Bloomington Startup Weekend, Kevin Makice wrote a recap of the event. Read it here. Thanks Kevin for the great recap and use of photos.

The next month is going to be exciting. We plan to begin work on our first Sprout, DecideAlready, in September. DecideAlready is the first of many software businesses that SproutBox will launch — another one every three months! There is a lot of prep work to be done. We’re still trying to avoid national publicity, but there is an intense effort underway behind the scenes as we assemble our team and partners.

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Posted by Brad on July 30, 2008


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