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We’re excited to have selected our next Sprout!

Dingora is poised to be a game-changer for the international and independent cinema industry. It allows filmmakers to boost box office sales by giving fans across the globe safe and legal access to films on the same day as their theatrical premiere. It’s a model and technology ready to revolutionize the movie business.

While that sounds like a tall order, Pankaj Sikka is in a unique position to disrupt the industry. His passion, understanding and contacts in international cinema are unparalleled. He has worked as a web producer and business analyst for companies such as Universal Music Group, ICU Medical, Kinsho Mataichi Corporation, and The Walt Disney Company. Over the last 3 years, Pankaj and his wife Trasie have created one of the leading sources of content for Indian independent cinema. hosts the blogs of many of the world’s most prestigious directors, writers and actors. The site is regarded as a movement in the Bombay Film Industry (Bollywood). It has developed a community of tens of thousands of hardcore movie fans and filmmakers and has been covered in over 50 major publications in the last year alone. Pankaj also created and organized India’s first online film festival which has presented hundreds of movies over the past 3 years.

Dingora represents an incredible opportunity and we couldn’t be happier to be part of it. In just a few months we’ll be releasing Dingora to the world. In the meantime, follow @Dingora on Twitter for updates on product development, film releases, and launch news.

Pankaj Sikka

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Interview with Proposable Founder James Kappen from SproutBox on Vimeo.

I recently interviewed Proposable founder James Kappen about the upcoming launch of Proposable, the current Sprout-in-development. Proposable is a web-based proposal system that will soon be revolutionizing the way sales people interact with their partners, co-workers, and prospects. For updates and more info about the launch, visit

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