Submission deadline is fast approaching, August 8th to be exact. To help you understand what we’re all about, we turned to a former sprout and successful entrepreneur, James Kappan.

James is the founder of our fifth Sprout, Proposable. This subscription software makes creating, delivering and analyzing web-based sales proposals easy and efficient. Since his months in “the box,” James is successfully managing Proposable, and has a lot to say about how working with SproutBox has helped make his vision a reality.

What made you decide to work with SproutBox to launch Proposable?

Sproutbox offers to fund entrepreneurs based on the quality of the idea presented and the resourcefulness of the entrepreneur.

What was it like going through the application process and selection weekend?

The application process was surprisingly straightforward and fun. It helped me put some more “meat” around the idea I had been thinking about for so long. The weekend was cool, but sort of stressful as you are presenting your idea to a very top-notch group of investors and entrepreneurs. It was great meeting everyone and seeing that Bloomington is a cool town.

How do you feel SproutBox has helped your business in terms of development?

Sproutbox provided everything I needed to make Proposable a reality. From the intense planning sessions to the rapid code writing, the entire team did a stellar job of moving from the idea stage to the working site stage.

What was the atmosphere like in “the box?”

The best way I can describe the box is that it’s like your favorite uncle’s basement. Comfortable chairs, games, food and just enough distraction to make it feel like you’re not at “work”. It’s a great place for collaboration among the team.

How did the SproutBox team support you during the transition process?

They provided guidance and strategy right out of the gate. The transition process was the hardest part of the process, as you now have to actually make your idea make money. This was challenging at first, as the project needs time and development to become a stable platform.

What did you most benefit from working with SproutBox?

I think I benefited most from having so many minds to glean from. I tried to learn as much as I could from each person on the team. I realized the value in having others who think very differently from me.

What advice do you have for those who are interested in working with SproutBox?

Really understand and communicate what pain your idea solves. If you can effectively communicate the pain that your ideas solves, then your idea will sell itself.

If you would like to apply to be our next Sprout, applications are due August 8th.

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Posted by Brad on August 2, 2010


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