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Our most recent intern gives advice on entering the real world and obtaining the job or internship of your dreams:

The summer is waning, the students have returned to campuses across the country, another school year is upon universities everywhere. If you’re entering out your final semesters in the ivory towers of academia, you’re probably (or hopefully) starting to think about where you’ll be after graduation. It’s not easy to land your dream job, so I’ve rounded up some tips and advice for internship and job seekers alike. Sharpen your number 2 pencils and gear up for the wild ride of future employment:

1. Stand Out: Your fellow classmates and tons of others will be competing for the same positions you are. If you want to get noticed, get creative and don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself. Change up the format of your resume or say something unexpected in your cover letter. Figure out ways to make your application memorable in the sea of others.

2. Do Your Homework: If you’re planning on moving somewhere new, or even if you’re staying where you are, spend some time getting to know the community that you want to be a part of. Figure out who some of the key players are. If you’re looking for a tech job, chances are, the community’s pretty tight-knit wherever you go. Understanding the connections between people and companies in the area helps you figure out how to get your foot in the door.

3. Get Creative: If you’re finding your job search unsuccessful, rethink what you’re looking for. If you focus on a specific industry or just one type of job, you may be missing out on opportunities elsewhere that utilize similar skills. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to find a job that falls just outside your comfort zone or that might not be exactly what you had in mind.

4. Be Flexible: This isn’t the same job market your parents were stepping into when they were your age, and that’s fine. Careers are going by the wayside, and temporary, short term or part-time are becoming more and more common. Be okay with taking on multiple jobs or even a pair of internships, especially starting out. If anything, this provides you with even more potential connections for future employment.

5. Maintain Your Digital Presence: We live a large part of our lives online, and everything we do there stays relatively permanent. It’s highly likely that potential employers will be checking out the digital version of you, so make sure you’re aware of what’s out there. You don’t have to hide anything, but take control of your digital self. Be sure to do a quick Google search every now and then so there aren’t any surprises later.

6. When In Doubt, Create Your Own Job: Internet resources, entrepreneurial groups, and places like SproutBox are making it easier than ever to start your own business. If you’re not finding your dream job anywhere, make it for yourself. For more information about who we are and what we do, head to our website. For information on internship opportunities at SproutBox click here.

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It’s that time of year again! SproutBox will be holding it’s second annual info session for students interested in internships. We will be opening our doors on September 27 at 6pm. Come meet our founders and check out our new space – conveniently located just south of the Grimes Street bridge on the new B-line trail.

We will be looking for interns in Software Development, Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Production and Animation.  For more information on these opportunities, visit our internship page. Anyone interested in an internship with SproutBox should plan on attending the session. If you are unable to attend, please send an email to Meg.

Even if you are not interested in an internship this year, feel free to stop by to see what we are all about. We have recently changed locations, and there are plenty of new things to check out.

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It’s true. After two years in the awesomeness of The Box, we decided to create a new Box. Everybody knows moving sucks, so you may be wondering why we would move from a really awesome space in the heart of downtown. Well, creating new stuff is kinda what we’re about, but that’s not the only reason for the move. Here are a few more:

Bloomington’s B-Line Trail is changing the game.

Bloomington has just expanded its B-Line Trail to 3.1 miles and acquired the 55 acre McDoel Switchyard. The trail expansion sets the stage for a wave of redevelopment opportunities to the south. We’re part of one of the most prominent, with massive windows overlooking the trail and the switchyard, which will soon become Bloomington’s Central Park. Very Sprouty.McDoel Switchyard Park

More concrete = better skating.

The old place had a little bit of exposed concrete, but not enough to really skate hard on.  3500+ square feet of concrete makes a pretty decent skate pad. It also makes a highly configurable work floor that can house a lot of startup activity.

Higher ceilings allow for more aggressive table tennis.

25 foot ceilings are pretty sweet. No more ping-pong do-overs because of interference from a drop ceiling. It also means that there’s great natural light and a second floor ready to house more Sprouts and more co-working space.

We got a better deal.

Way better,  in fact. The building that housed the old Box changed hands, and the new owner wanted way too much rent money. The new place costs literally a fraction of the old Box. Less money spent on rent means more money invested in startups. And that’s exactly what we’re about.

We’re still doing a lot of work to improve the space (after all, it is a RE-development), but we’re completely moved in and fully functional. If you’d like to come check it out, just let us know.

The new address is:

300 West Hillside Drive

Bloomington, IN 47403

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