We will be interviewing each of SproutBox’s Sprouts and giving you an exclusive look into the world of startup companies. Each Sprout is unique and has their own story as to why they were created. Stay tuned for all of the background information, accomplishments and fun facts about each Sprout.

Our first Sprout showcased is Proposable. Proposable was SproutBox’s first non-home Sprout.

What they are about: Subscription-based software that empowers businesses to create, deliver, and track their sales proposals entirely from the web. Our users can create powerful proposals within minutes and then track each proposal as it gets delivered to prospects.

Interview with James Kappen, the founder:

Why did you start this company?
“I was working in sales and was frustrated with the lack of efficiency and transparency in the sales proposal process. I wanted to be able to create custom sales proposals faster, and be able to track my sales material as I sent it out to prospects.”

What is your company’s biggest accomplishment?
“Building, launching, and growing a game-changing web-app.”

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs?
“Be very focused on the problem you are trying to solve and don’t get sidetracked with features that seem ‘cool’ but really don’t directly target the problem. A product that is simple, and solves a real-world problem is on its way to a successful business.”

What did you get from working with SproutBox?
“The SproutBox crew gave me a huge ‘kick start’ to learning about web-apps, from the planning stages to legal, to building and launching a product to the market.”

Where are you now (location, position of the company)?
“Proposable now has nearly 300 businesses using our platform to create, deliver, and analyze their sales proposals.”

Where do you hope to be in the near future?
“Proposable will continue growth into new markets and will continue listening to our users to create the best sales proposal solutions available.”

What are some fun facts about the company/employees?
“We are totally awesome!”

Make sure to keep up to date with Proposable by reading their blog and following them on Twitter!

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Posted by Sarah on December 5, 2012


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