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Sprout Showcase Series: Code Together

In our second edition of our Sprout Showcase Series, we sat down with the CEO of Code Together to get the inside scoop:

What they are about: Code Together makes products that help people work when, how, and where they want. We currently have one product, Squad, a browser-based realtime collaborative code editor. Our second product is in development.

Interview with Hillary Elmore Cage, CEO:

Why did you start this company?

“I didn’t actually start Code Together, Mike Trotzke did. My Dad and I bought the company in February 2011.”

What is your company’s biggest accomplishment?

“Our test with two Indiana University computer science classes was a milestone in proving Squad’s capabilities as well as showing the potential for collaborative coding in a learning environment.”

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs?

“For overall career advice, I always tell people to remember that your first job out of college or grad school doesn’t need to be your dream job. In some ways, it’s better if you ‘put in the time’ at a miserable job so you can better appreciate that ‘dream job’ when it finally appears.

For entrepreneurs, I can only repeat what I think is the best advice I’ve received: entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart or the 9-to-5ers. You need to be passionate about building your company, about putting all the pieces together to make it successful.”

What did you get from working with SproutBox?

Code Together continues to benefit from working with SproutBox by having office space in the same building and maintaining relationships. Mike Trotzke is still involved with the company and provides invaluable advice and guidance.”

Where are you now (location, position of the company)?

“Physically: In Bloomington, though I split my time between working at home and at the office.

Business-wise: We are expanding Code Together’s product line to include a new service that builds off Squad’s main innovation of browser-based real time collaboration. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but this product will reach a broader audience and we are very excited about it. We plan to launch the new product at the end of January.”

Where do you hope to be in the near future?

“We have some good opportunities lined up for this new product, and the ultimate goal is that this will propel the company to profitability and all the exciting things that come along with that, from hiring additional employees to an eventual exit.”

What are some fun facts about the company/employees?

Hillary is following in the steps of both grandfathers and her father in her entrepreneurial pursuit. She and Ben Serrette (another Code Together employee) both earned Master’s degrees in Human Computer Interaction Design from IU’s School of Informatics and Computing.

Make sure to keep updated on Code Together by reading their blog and following them on Twitter!

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Posted by Sarah on December 10, 2012


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