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The Latest Sprout: Kincast

We’re excited to announce the revamped version of Kincast– our latest Sprout!

Kincast started out by solving the real problem of how to privately share and store video taken on a smartphone. With this latest version, Kincast has taken direction from its 20,000+ early customers to develop new and exciting ways to engage their loved ones.

Unlike public social sites like YouTube or Facebook, Kincast is private by default, using email addresses and private links to share directly with loved ones. Senders of video don’t have to worry about privacy, size limitations or upload progress bars, and recipients don’t need accounts or the app installed to view videos.

This week’s release of Kincast includes several new features that get the whole family involved:

Chat. Every share starts a chat – giving loved ones an easy way to say thanks and join the conversation without having to create an account.

Video Greeting Cards. A new, neat way to reach out on holidays and special events – helping you stand out and show you really care. Plus it’s personal, fast and free.

Say Hello. Kincast’s video messaging feature is an easy way to say hello. It’s more personal than a phone call and easier than writing.

We also focused on stepping up the user experience. We went screen by screen creating a beautiful new user interface. We also developed Flair (a fun way to add sizzle to your videos with frames, music and titles), and a “scroll-friendly” immersive timeline.

To see the product in action check out this short video:

The Kincast iPhone app can be downloaded at Web users can create a Kincast account at

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Posted by Mike on December 13, 2012


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