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Sprout Showcase Series: VaultWorthy

Have you ever needed an important document but didn’t have access to where it was stored? Imagine how nice it would have been to just sign online and access that document from anywhere. In this edition of our Sprout Showcase Series, VaultWorthy, can make that happen.

What they are about: VaultWorthy preserves and protects your critical documents in a virtual vault. It is a secure document storage platform for your most important documents that are accessible anywhere with a web connection.

Interview with Christoper Jensen, one of the founders:

Why did you start this company?
“More often than we’d like to admit, we were spending countless hours searching for our most important documents. We had this problem which was becoming more time consuming and complicated as our lives and busy schedules progressed. We were searching filing cabinets, desktop folders, and web based e-mail accounts to find some of our most valuable information. Additionally, as personal financial management became more important and complicated, so did our need to properly document, store and organize these critical documents.”

What is your company’s biggest accomplishment?
“We are still working on this but in the first month we got an article in two regional papers and The Wall Street Journal.”

Do you have any advice for future entrepreneurs?
“Work hard and focus.”

What did you get from working with SproutBox?
“SproutBox provides the technical, development, and mentoring that many early stage SaaS companies typically lack. They also allow cash strapped companies to operate more efficiently by not hiring a fulltime in-house development and technical team. Having these three qualities in a founding partner increases one’s chances of success.”

Where are you now (location, position of the company)?
“We continue building the company and working on white labels, strategic partnerships and tweaking the business model to acquire customers efficiently.”

Where do you hope to be in the near future?
“10’s of thousands of subscribers.”

What are some fun facts about the company/employees?
“I’m a venture capitalist trying to solve a problem… I went to IU and founded VaultWorthy with my father: Clark Jensen and business partner: Ken Anderson.”

Make sure to keep updated on VaultWorthy by reading their blog, following them on Twitter, and liking them on Facebook!

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Posted by Sarah on December 17, 2012


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