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Squad Releases New Collaboration Product: Treaty

One of our Home Sprouts, Squad, has developed an awesome new product that we’re excited to share with you. We’d like to introduce Treaty, Squad’s latest online collaboration tool. Treaty integrates with existing web apps and enables its users to edit and share while maintaining their desired branding experience. It’s pretty genius, because Treaty customers can accomplish more— without ever having to leave their own websites. This makes Treaty ideal for project management apps, enterprise environments, corporate intranets, and eLearning apps. The tool is still in beta, but will be released to the public in March.

An exciting thing about Squad’s latest product is that Treaty keeps visitors on web apps longer. They never know they’re using a 3rd party app because Treaty customers can customize the look and feel to match their current branding and website. Data is never compromised because Treaty uses an encrypted connection.

When it comes to multi-user collaboration, Treaty makes maximized cooperation possible. Treaty customers can share and edit text in real-time with automatch edit tracking and revision history. Conversion is also streamlined, as users can convert from .doc(x), OpenOffice, plain text, and many other forms. Text can be exported in HTML, PDF, OpenOffice, and .doc(x), among other formats. This feature means that Treaty users will never lose track of changes or be unable to send/open a file due to format incompatibility.

What it comes down to is that Treaty reduces document turnaround time and increases opportunity for collaboration. We love it because you spend less time waiting to get the latest version of a document and more time actually creating new content. And that’s what great collaboration is all about. So check it out, and follow Treaty on twitter!

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Posted by Tricia on February 26, 2013


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