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StartupBus Chicago is Making a Pit Stop at The Box!

There are many ways to travel to SXSW. Some of the smartest travel by plane, but some of the most innovative and techiest travel by bus– the StartupBus, that is!

About 25 lucky entrepreneurs will board a bus and become “buspreneurs” for around 72 hours as they speed down the road (ok 60-65 mph isn’t really speeding) building startups! For those of you who have attended Startup Weekend, it’s like that but you’re on a bus. Pretty awesome idea…You aren’t wasting time by traveling – you are being innovative and who knows maybe building the “next big thing”.

So why does SproutBox care, besides the obvious reasons…two years ago we were lucky enough to have The StartupBus Chicago make a pit stop at  The Box. We greeted them with pizza and beer and they pitched us their ideas. Our team was able to deliver some valuable feedback before sending them on their way to Austin. We must have done something right, because this year the bus will be pulling up to the Box again!

The StartupBus will be arriving at The Box this Sunday, March 3, between 3pm and 4pm. Anyone is welcome to join us in welcoming them to Bloomington and SproutBox.

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Posted by Kacey on February 28, 2013


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