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We’re really excited about the TEDxBloomington conference, which is coming to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater on March 22nd. In case you don’t know much about TEDxBloomington (or TEDx events in general), TEDx is a independently-organized program that brings people together to experience a TED-like event. TEDxBloomington began when a group of IU alumni decided to give back to the Bloomington community by bringing innovative and creative individuals together to exchange and spread ideas.

This year’s TEDxBloomington conference theme is JumpIN!, which spotlights presenters who have taken Ideas Worth Spreading to improve their communities and the world. TEDxBloomington 2013 features speakers that come from all over the country— Tampa, NYC, Silicon Valley, Chicago— and from right here in Bloomington.

Some of this year’s talks and performances include lead Google Doodler Ryan Germick, Math In Your Feet creator Malke Rosenfeld, and Sarah “Intellagirl” Smith Robbins, as well as an impressive group of IU professors and faculty. Topics include communication, health, sports, art, philanthropy, dance, and more. Each presenter and performer has a different twist on the JumpIN! theme, and the wide range of speakers and topics guarantees that you’ll find INsights, INtrigue, INnovation and more at TEDxBloomington this year.

It promises to be a great time with something for everyone, no matter your particular interest. The best thing about TEDx events in general, and TEDxBloomington in particular, is the spreading and exchanging of new ideas both within the community and outside of it. We bet you’ll have a great time, meet exciting new people, and even learn something! Register now to be a part of this exciting and creative Bloomington event.

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Our friends at Earbits made a huge splash recently! Earbits is an ad-free indie music streaming service. They’ve been around for a couple of years now and continue to launch features that keep pushing them above other music streaming services.

Earbits just released “the first social currency for steaming music” called Groovies. Groovies are a way for Earbits to pay artists in data and promotion from fans performing certain actions. Fan use Groovies to stream songs on-demand and can earn them many different ways: opening an Earbits account, sharing music from Earbits via Facebook or Twitter, and “Liking” the band’s official Facebook page or email list. The fans get instant access to great music and the artist establish a data connection to these fans to promote live shows, downloads, t-shirts, and many other things.

If you think about it, fans are already talking about the music they like whether it’s because they “liked” that band on Facebook or are tweeting about it. So the guys at Earbits thought why not encourage fans to do more of this and get something in return.

Check out the other press Earbits has received on this new release:

We’re excited to have Earbits in the portfolio. Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements coming soon from this incredible team.

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After spending many hours submitting nominations for the coveted TechPoint Mira Awards for our Sprouts, I received many emails of congratulations. Our Sprouts’ hard work had paid off and I felt it was necessary to call and wake Brad up at 1 in the morning to tell him the good news (he may not have thought that was necessary)!

Maybe you haven’t heard of the Mira Awards, so let me take a second to tell you about them and why this is a big deal for many of our Sprouts and for Bloomington’s tech scene. TechPoint helps promote Indiana’s tech sector by supporting the success of tech companies and professionals in the state. They also support the formation, expansion and attraction of tech companies within Indiana. Each year, TechPoint hosts the Mira Awards which recognizes excellence and innovation in technology in the state of Indiana. These awards focus on the important role technology plays in Indiana’s economy. There are 12 different categories. This year there were well over 100 nominations. SproutBox, along with 3 other Sprouts, were all named finalists in different categories! So it’s pretty awesome to be nominated, even more awesome to be selected as a finalist!

This Thursday TechPoint judges will hear from all finalists in a 20 minute interview. Check out the awards we’ve been named finalists for:

It is an honor to be named a finalist and congratulations to our Sprouts! Good luck and let’s bring home those awards!

We want to wish fellow Bloomington tech company, Bloomingsoft, good luck! They have been named a finalist in the category of Health Information Technology Excellence & Innovation Award.

For more information regarding the Mira Awards check out:

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