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Looking for a job or internship in the tech field and want to stay in Bloomington or Monroe County? Well- do we have some great news for you! The Bloomington Tech Partnership is hosting a career and internship fair on April 11th. The event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn from 1:00pm-4:00pm. They are expecting 20-25 companies to participate.

If you aren’t looking for a job but still interested in learning about the companies, you should make plans to attend. In fact you should invite all of your friends who you want to move to Bloomington to attend and maybe they’ll find a job!

The City of Bloomington will also have information regarding the development of the certified tech park at the event.

Interested in attending? RSVP for this free event by sending an email to

We’ll see you all there!

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Squad, one of our home sprouts, is hosting a contest! The 2013 Creative Codeversationalist Contest will recognize those who creatively cover the coding industry in great new ways. Squad is looking for people who understand and write about trends and news in the industry. Overall, Squad Codeversationalists should have a passion for all things coding.

The contest is running now through April 15th, and the Top 10 nominees will be chosen on April 17th. After that, the Top 3 Codeversationalists and Top Student Codeversationalist will be voted on from April 17th to May 1st.

How are nominees selected? That’s where you come in! Squad is welcoming nominations of bloggers, reporters, and student writers that are doing their best to bring coding into everyday conversation. If you know someone that fits the bill, or if you think you’d be a great nominee, enter today on the Code Together website!

Since SproutBox’s home base is a college town, we want to highlight the student opportunity that this contest offers as well. Students are often ahead of the game in terms of what’s trendy and new, and often work collaboratively on projects. Their knowledge and advice are just what Squad is looking for in a Coderversationalist. IU students and students from other schools should definitely nominate the talented bloggers and coders they know for this great opportunity!

You can keep up with the Coderversationalist conversation on twitter by following @weCodeTogether and the hashtag #codeversationalist.

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We’re really excited about the TEDxBloomington conference, which is coming to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater on March 22nd. In case you don’t know much about TEDxBloomington (or TEDx events in general), TEDx is a independently-organized program that brings people together to experience a TED-like event. TEDxBloomington began when a group of IU alumni decided to give back to the Bloomington community by bringing innovative and creative individuals together to exchange and spread ideas.

This year’s TEDxBloomington conference theme is JumpIN!, which spotlights presenters who have taken Ideas Worth Spreading to improve their communities and the world. TEDxBloomington 2013 features speakers that come from all over the country— Tampa, NYC, Silicon Valley, Chicago— and from right here in Bloomington.

Some of this year’s talks and performances include lead Google Doodler Ryan Germick, Math In Your Feet creator Malke Rosenfeld, and Sarah “Intellagirl” Smith Robbins, as well as an impressive group of IU professors and faculty. Topics include communication, health, sports, art, philanthropy, dance, and more. Each presenter and performer has a different twist on the JumpIN! theme, and the wide range of speakers and topics guarantees that you’ll find INsights, INtrigue, INnovation and more at TEDxBloomington this year.

It promises to be a great time with something for everyone, no matter your particular interest. The best thing about TEDx events in general, and TEDxBloomington in particular, is the spreading and exchanging of new ideas both within the community and outside of it. We bet you’ll have a great time, meet exciting new people, and even learn something! Register now to be a part of this exciting and creative Bloomington event.

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